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DVA Patients to now be reimbursed

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DVA patients can now be reimbursed for their medical marijuana consultations and products through a new CDA pathway. If you’re an existing patient please email us and if you’re a Veteran considering medical cannabis then please visit our website and enquire, we can help you through the process.

Department of Veteran Affairs is responsible for supporting those who serve or have served in the defence force. With regards to Medical Cannabis DVA patients can apply for and may be approved for a subsidy for consultation costs and product as follows:

In-clinic consultations

Consultation fee is covered (this depends on each clinic and the clinic will need to clarify with the patient).

Product cost may be subsidised so long as the doctor submits the relevant paperwork to VAPAC. Costs are generally not reimbursed until either approved by DVA or once approved by the day the application was submitted.

TeleHealth consultations

A consultation fee may be eligible for a subsidy if the patient submits the DVA Consult Reimbursement form along with copies of the paid invoices.

Product cost may be subsidised so long as the doctor submits the relevant paperwork to VPAC.

DVA Process

The following documents are required when applying to DVA:

  • DVA Specialist Referral
  • SAS Approval + State health approvals (if relevant)
  • Letter in MediRecords ‘Out’ that doctor has completed
  • CDA Consent Form

What does the DVA patient need to do?

1. Obtain all documents required for a normal MC consultation:

  • Referral
  • Health Summary
  • CDA Consent Form


2. Obtain a specialist DVA referral form which can be found on the CDA website under Doctors > Referrals.

or click here: https://cannabisdoctorsaustralia.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/CDA-DVA-Referral-Template-v2.0.pdf

3. Consult with a CDA Dr who will submit the paperwork they have provided along with the requested information from DVA (refer to the above).

4. Approvals can take a very long time. All that the doctor can do is inform the patient once they have received approval from the DVA. The Patient Care Team or Doctor cannot check on behalf of the patient.

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