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Health Professionals

Medical Practitioner Application Process

Any registered Medical Practitioner in Australia can prescribe Medical Cannabis
  • Burleigh Heads Cannabis is partnered with the CanView ordering platform which offers the widest range of Medical Cannabis products in Australia. All registered Medical Practitioner can utilise CanView during consultations to discuss and choose the best product for Patients

  • Patients who suffer any chronic condition and have already tried standard medications are eligible to try Medical Cannabis

  • The prescription is based on the approval and can be sent to a local Pharmacy to order from the CanView platform

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Who is eligible for Medical Cannabis?

In order to determine if your Patients are eligible as a suitable candidate for Medical Cannabis, there are a few prerequisites that you can work through in the list below. If the Patient you’re consulting with meets any of these criteria items, there is a good chance they will be approved for the products you select for them:

  • Your Patient’s tried more than one standard treatment for the condition that they are seeking Medical Cannabis
  • Your Patient experiences severe side effects from the standard treatments they have or are taking
  • If your Patient requires THC, the Patients’ history doesn’t include mood, anxiety or any psychotic behavioural disorders, has not shown previous drug-seeking behaviour, has no cardiovascular disease and is not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant
  • You have set realistic expectations about their treatment plan, and that there is no guarantee that Medical Cannabis will work for their condition
  • You have clinical justification including relevant evidence that supports the use of Medical Cannabis for the Patient’s condition
Prescribing Info

How To Prescribe Medical Cannabis?

Any registered Medical Practitioner in Australia is able to prescribe Medical Cannabis for Patients with a wide range of conditions. Under the TGA’s ‘Guidance for the use of Medical Cannabis in Australia,’ it specifies that the Medical Practitioner must have the expertise to treat the condition for which Medical Cannabis is to be used for or have documented support if the Patients’ symptoms are being treated by a Specialist.

There are currently 2 commonly used pathways that can be used to access Medical Cannabis products in Australia:

TGA Special Access Scheme – B

This allows certain Medical Practitioners to access therapeutic goods that are not included in the ARTG and can be used if the Patient does not fit the Category A definition of seriously ill, or if the therapeutic good is not authorised for supply under Category C.

The Medical Practitioner can submit the application to the TGA and the State Government (where needed) and upon approval, can then write the prescription for the specific product. This approval currently lasts for 12 months.

Authorised Prescriber

This is a Medical Practitioner who is approved to prescribe unapproved therapeutic goods for a particular condition or class of Patients in their immediate care without further TGA approval. Once a Medical Practitioner is an Authorised Prescriber they don’t need to notify the TGA each time they prescribe an unapproved product, however, they must report to the TGA the number of Patients treated every six months.

Prescribing Info
CDA Patient And Doctor Consult

Refer a Patient instead

If you wish to refer your Patient to a Medical Cannabis Specialist, you can do this by simply referring them to Cannabis Doctors Australia (CDA Clinics). In order for Patients to be referred to the CDA doctors for a Medical Cannabis consultation, they must get a referral from their regular Doctor, including:

  • A request for MC specialist treatment including an “Indication” i.e. the symptom for treatment, e.g. chronic
  • Health Summary / Medical History including:
    – Current medications and treatments
    – Previous unsuccessful medications and treatments

The buttons below take you to the CDA referral templates and information on where to send them upon completion.

Refer a Patient to CDA

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