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Administration of Cannabis Flower

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What’s dried Cannabis flower?

It’s the flower from the cannabis plant that contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or Cannabidiol (CBD), the medicinal compounds used in Medicinal Cannabis therapy. It’s commonly referred to as flos, heads, buds, nuggets, or granules depending on the form.

Why’s a dried flower prescribed?

Dried THC/CBD flower may be prescribed by Doctors who, after assessing the individual patient and their needs, may find it clinically of use to the patient for its rapid onset of action compared to oils or capsules.

What’s a vapouriser?

A vapouriser is an electronic device generally used to vaporise substances for inhalation. When used properly, a vapouriser heats dry herb to just below the point of combustion, which produces the flavour and effect of the plant into a vapour form. Vapourising results in extraction (a 46% increase) of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, as well as decreases the irritation and harmful effects caused by smoking. Vapour is much more flavourful and smoother to inhale than smoke.

Difference between vaporising and smoking

A variable amount (20-80%) of Medicinal Cannabinoids in cannabis are lost in side stream & combustion when smoked, making it difficult to estimate the dose of Medicinal Cannabis an individual patient is receiving. Additionally, there is well-documented evidence that smoking, in general, is harmful, therefore smoking of cannabis products should not be supported.

What should I look for in a vapouriser?

First and most importantly, it must be compatible with dry herb! The two categories of vapourisers are desktop and portable. Desktop units are powerful stationary devices made for at-home users, while portable vapourisers are engineered for on-the-go consumption. Price varies throughout the two categories and is based on preferred heating method, battery life (in the portable range), as well as temperatures settings. Depending on each individual patient’s need will determine the type of vapouriser required.

What supplies do I need?

A grinder, a vapouriser and product for inhalation.

How do I vape?

Vape Steps:

  1. Grind herb in a herb Grinder- medium to medium-fine.
  2. Pack bowl of herb chamber- full but not tight, allowing herb to heat evenly.
  3. Turn vape on.
  4. Set temperature- effects vary at different temps- have a play to find your ideal temp. (Between 175-200° C).
  5. Inhale once, slow and long: A) Inhalation speed- Low and Slow. Hot air needs enough time to pass by material to extract cannabinoids. B) Inhalation length- Long and gentle. C) Breath in to take vapour deep into lungs and hold for 5 seconds before exhaling.
  6. Wait 10 mins to see if the effect has been achieved.
  7. If continuing, stir the bowl mid dosing session to expose the surface area that was previously covered.
  8. Clean and maintain regularly for proper function will enhance vapes performance.
  9. Practice finding your optimal vape dosing.

How do I know when it’s time to change my bud out of the vapouriser?

Most dry herb vapourisers are dosing session vapes- meaning they cut off at some point and need to be turned on for another dose. Depending on the heat temperature, they’re more than likely will be life left in the bud which is known as “already vaped herb” (AVH). Mixing the herb before and mid dosing session will help maximise usage by keeping the granules evenly vaped. This is observed by the colour change in herb after each session. A good guide to AVH should hold green to greeny brown colour. When AVH begins to look brown that is the ideal stopping point as there are minimal cannabinoids left in the product.

How do I clean my vapouriser?

  1. Make sure vapouriser is off and not hot.
  2. Remove the mouthpiece from the device.
  3. Use a brush or pipe cleaner to get rid of any excess debris from the herb chamber.
  4. Dampen the pipe cleaner with alcohol cleaner and snake it through the inside of the vapour path until it’s clean.

Can I vape my oil?

NO! Cannabis oil that’s meant to be consumed orally isn’t compatible with vapourisers. Because Medicinal Cannabis oil isn’t a vape liquid it will damage a vapouriser. Medicinal Cannabis Vape Liquid will be available soon, as mentioned below.

What about Vape Liquid?

Vape liquid is a product that is made to be used in a liquid vapouriser and NOT a herb vapouriser. The THC and/or CBD are dissolved in vapeable liquid such as Polyethylene Glycol (PG), Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) or Vegetable Glycerine (VEG). Liquid vapourisers are usually self-set for temperature and will heat for immediate vapourisation and inhalation. Patients are advised to start low and slow with a single inhalation per 10 minutes until they are able to work out their best-inhaled dosage.

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